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Hi, I'm Nysie
Social Media Manager & Mentor
ounder of Social Style


I get it - social media can be an overwhelming and time-consuming part of running a business, especially when it's constantly evolving.


I'll support you to create an online presence that feels good, works towards your long-term goals and most importantly, is sustainable. Learn how to manage your platforms efficiently and effectively, or sit back and let us handle it.


With a range of services from Social Media Management, 1:1 Mentoring & Virtual Assistance, I'll get to know you and your business - determining goals, learning about your audience and getting to know competitors. Armed with this knowledge, I'll help you implement strategies and processes to maximise results and minimise the amount of time you spend on socials.


So far my career has spanned from journalism and copywriting, to PR, marketing and social media, so I have combined the wealth of knowledge and skills from my background to found Social Style and help transform your businesses online presence.


After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Journalism, I spent two years as a copywriter at Harrods before going into Digital Marketing & Social Media Management. It was then that I decided to take the leap into starting my own business, working with business owners to create an online presence that works for them, feels good and is easy to maintain.

Work with Me

Social Style is all about supporting you to create an online presence that feels good and is easy to maintain. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, I'd love to chat.

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